Tuesday, August 3, 2010

****Saving For September****

And the countdown begins till I blow a weeks pay on September issues.....all because of amazing fashion spreads like this. I mean have you ever really sat down and tallied up how much is spent on fashion magazines a month. Granted many of us fashion lovers have subscriptions to publications like Vogue or Elle but when it comes to foreign ones like Elle UK or specialty ones like V and WWD, the number becomes shocking. Luckily for me I keep all my Vogues, Elles and Bazaars as well as any specialty ones I pick up......that way if someone wants to say its wasteful I can show them my collection and say its an investment............................

I need these shorts in my life now

Really love all the embellished frocks in this spread

Tallulah Morton in Harper's Bazaar Australia Sept 2010


carizzachua said...

I was about to choose but when I saw all photos, omg! everything is gorgeous!!!

Mandyy said...

She`s amazing!
Great Post :D xoxo

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