Monday, August 9, 2010

****My Little Guilty Pleasure****


With my ever increasing need for shoes its nice to find a store that allows me to go crazy while still staying on budget

Love the color

I came across AmiClubWear before but have always looked past it. The clothing is definitely on the hoochi side of things with its plunging cowl-neck dresses with rhinestone detailing and banded bottom but part of the title is "club wear" so I don't really know what I was expecting. Upon first glance through the site I was reminded of a stripper store I went to in Boston around Halloween and......well.....unless its that holiday I do prefer my clothing a bit more...reserved???? I really hate to use that word because it does not represent me at all. I mean my jewelry line is called NaughtyBaubles, I'm far from saintly, I feel extremely comfortable in my bathing suit or less which started early as I wanted to pose for Playboy and give me a pair of 5in high platforms and a mini skirt and I'm ready to go. But...and its a huge but...I don't want my platforms to be Lucite and I need a little taste in my attire. Anywho, after a long break of not frequenting the site, last year I once again typed in the domain and spent some time getting to really know Ami past the "girl-of-night" impression it left on me. And it was at this time that I came across the Heels section. Outside of the boots, nothing is over $35, and after much asking around the quality seems to be on par with many of the stores I already frequent. Granted you have to weed out about half the selection to get to the really amazing gems but once you find them and see the price you can't deny them. Clearly they follow the trends and more importantly the heels are normally 3 1/2in or higher.....THEY ALSO HAVE HAVE 5 INCHERS PEOPLE. Many of the styles resemble shoes already on fashionistas wishlist presently and some from the past that haven't left.

Isabel Marant anyone!!!


Pefect for summer...only $9.99

Who doesn't love studs

The mesh panel is to die for

Seriously.....Louboutin ring a bell!!!
I mean, yeah, sometimes the thrill of having the shoe is actually forking over the cash for the shoe and walking out with the bag and it doesn't hurt to go ahead and splurge once in awhile. But if you like me....somewhat fresh out of college, living off of the fashion world income, not living at home with your parents, wanting every new pair of shoes that comes out and being absolutely great about not to get into the monetary trouble you got into in college.....then a place like this is what you need. AmiClubWear affords you the luxury of wearing some of the styles you're adoring now while saving up for the least in the shoe department, please lets not really go back to the

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carizzachua said...

i love those shoes! especially the last one!!! :D

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