Monday, August 9, 2010

****What I Wore****

Can I just start off by saying how much I love these bracelets of mine!!!!!

Unfortunately for me, I was born with somewhat large hands.....I take it they come from my dad's side of the family and apparently I should have really taken basketball seriously.  But after a huge embarrassment in 6th grade....was awoken from a day dream in the middle of the game by a pass right to the face and my mom yelling from the stands......and a few to many sprained ankles in which my whole leg ballooned unnecessarily, I realized it just wasn't in the cards.  That still left me with my big hands and the massive reoccurring problem of not being able to wear most bangles and bracelets.  I've managed to live just fine spare a few jokes when accessory shopping with friends but other than that life has been wonderful bracelet free......up until now.

As I've gotten older and chunky bangles and such have been more and more current I have watched my nearly invisible dilemma turn into a full blown breakdown as I ferociously try to force studded wonders over my hands in stores to the amusement of onlookers and my friends.  It normally ends with me throwing the forbidden fruit of an object back onto the display fixture and walking out. 

May I now introduce you to the wonder that is stretch. 

As most of you lovely fashionistas out there, I do love a bit of stretch in my clothing be it my jeans, dresses or skirts but I can now add bracelets to the list.  Yes, I know, this is no big new amazement in the accessory world but to me and my NaughtyBaubles line it is.  Many of the options that were available to me in the past were never really up my alley one might say but now that I have really gotten the technique down...not that they are at all difficult to make....I've been going stretchtastic crazy and making them for every outfit I wear out.  The ones pictured above make up a set I made, the brown ones and the one with the jade pendant, and a set my friend made for me, the white ones.  Call me crazy but I just love them from the way the jingle on my wrist to the ease of just putting them forcing or pain which is a huge plusAlso I know they are coming off at the end of the night which was somewhat up in the air with some of the bangles I did manage to get on.

Anywho on to my outfit that I wore on Sunday.  It was really just another day of nothing major planned.  I got dressed and went out just because I figured I should and pretty much just drove around.  I did stop by some thrift stores I've been wanting to go to but alas they weren't open. Better luck next time I guess. My day out did end with drama as I broke part of the buckle on these wonderful shoes that I recently decided I love so much.  I bought them many months ago from Charlotte Russe for like $5 or something crazy like that thinking that they were cute and cheap enough to just buy and put out on display....yes I am that weird but some shoes look like art to me.  As I was taking them off the little part that pokes thru the whole bent off.  Leave it to me to break thing you know I will break one of my beloved stretch bracelets and....well...that just won't be a good day for me at all.  If I am careful though I can still wear them until I can re-attach the piece.  The vest is an absolute score I got at work...Macy's...from the Impulse Department.  It is, in my opinion, the only department Macy's should be worried about.  It carries Mink Pink, Kensie, Free People, Rachel Roy, Miss Me Denim and more.  The vest is from Sugar Lips and I got it for 75% off bringing it down to under $20....sorry can't quite remember the price now.  As for the rest of my outfit....the jeans and top are from Forever 21 while the glasses are from H&M and the necklace from Aldo.  Funny thing about the necklace. I bought it at one of their accessory only stores while having a girls weekend in Boston.  When I brought it up to check out the guy kept telling me about the how fragile the necklace was and how its glass and can easily break.  He kept going on as if I was some 7yr old who doesn't know a thing about anything and I finally shut him up by politely telling him that I was aware it was fragile.....hello I did actually touch the damn thing...and I pointed down to what was around my neck hanging off a chain.  As he looked down he noticed it was in fact a very similar piece and had nothing to say after that.  As he was scanning it and preparing it into the bag what does he do people ....he bangs it up against the counter.  I just gave him look and ask that he wraps it nicely.  I mean if you're gonna give me a lecture maybe its a good idea to act like you know what you're talking about.

On to other matters...I know Sunday posts were to be about DIY projects but check out my other post for today and you will see why its up....I think I've bitten off more than I can chew with one of the projects I started yesterday. Also I will try and get better at actually posting the post on the day that it happened.  Yesterday my boyfriend had to work until 9 and when he got home we started our HBO Sunday tradition and when we finally caught the repeat of True Blood I was tired and went to sleep......won't happen again.

Thanks for reading and c u next post!!!


{ I V Y } said...

coooooooooool :D

The Little Dust Princess said...

I love your bracelets!!

Rhitbee said...

cute bracelets and those jeans look great on you!

Cristiana.C said...

good luck for your new blog!
visit mine, and follow me if you like! I'll follow back

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