Wednesday, August 11, 2010

****On The Hunt For.......****


Vintage Lace Bell Bottoms

So I finally got around to checking out early this morning after seeing it on a few other blogs and after about a handful of lovely pictures I laid my eyes upon this picture.

Picture of Marcella

and then another picture

Pictured of Laura

all featuring lace bell bottom pants.  To the Google machine I went and came across a post from Rumi of Fashiontoast's dated all the way back in 2009....boy am I late on this trend....anywho I continued find countless blogs sporting pics of these lovely pants on chic fashionistas.  Luckily the trend still lives on and I was able to find some options.... although Rumi sported a pair from With Hearts in My Eyes that is still available on the site, I'm looking for a more budget-friendly option.

Nightcap Clothing Lace Bell Bottoms

Kova & T Lace Bell Bottoms

Ebay find
The pickings were slim but I think all in all the best option would be the Kova & T....currently on sale now.

Till the next post.....


MissZuri said...

those are soooooo cute! I LOVE them....where can i get a pair?!

xoxo. MissZuri....

Self proclaimed fashion chameleon who refuses to let mommyhood take away her style!!! Comment&FoLLow

****Just did an amazing post featuring Christine Centenera's haute style!! ; )****

jamie-lee said...

If you go onto Fashion Distraction (the blog) there is a link to a website where you can order them x

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