Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Channeling Fall 2008

After my last DIY project I am being brought back to Rodarte and Balmain in 2008 with their Rock Gothic looks for the girl who doesn't wake up till the evening and comes home before the break of dawn

I really think I'm coming down with something.  I wake up in the morning now and apply black eyeliner and mascara....rather I add more to what I put on yesterday and allowed to smudge into perfection overnight.   I'm on the hunt for the perfect garter/thigh high combination, am still looking for the perfect leather pieces, am in love with anything studded, and lately find myself calling my 4in high heels to low.  Not only that guys, but I'm wanting my shirts and dresses to look like a moth invited his whole bloodline into my closet for a week of hedonistic gorging.  This change hasn't just happened overnight either.  I can't pinpoint the exact moment but I want to say it had a lot to do with the somewhat limiting dress code at my job, the high waisted eel skin leggings I bought right before Vegas last year, the trip to Vegas and the more current fascination with True Blood....the vampires of course.  It really is kind of funny how the smallest things can make their way into your subconscious and secretly affect everything you do. I also want to go to more places where I can wear my newly inspired a club.  Most people in my life would tell you that a club is the farthest thing from fun in my mind.  As much temptation was out there I very rarely partied in college in Boston.  Sure there was the occasional house party at our apartment but I was always at work or working on school assignments.  Even after I graduated I still found very little interest in that world.  The crowds annoyed, the drunks annoyed me and god forbid I stuck around when the lights turned on and actually saw what the establishment looked like....OMG have you ever been sober enough to see what those restrooms look like?!?!  It just wasn't my scene.  But little by little my curiosity has grown and with this a change in attire too has developed.  Now this isn't to say that everyday I roll out of bed looking like I'm with the band or about to go work at Hot Topics or no means at all.  My job requires all black appropriate the leather, lace and heels combo just won't do...but when the weekends come around my leather leggings, a slouchy tee and a neck full of chains are in heavy rotation.  Minis, vests, strong shoulders, destroyed denim...all these things have been making their way into my closet and slowly taking over.  On my Chictopia page I describe my style as a fashion schizophrenic and if you open my closet you will get that.....its just rocker grunge looks are buying up more of the real estate.

Anywho, enough of the self reflection and on to the topic of the post.....Fall 2008.  Every season I find favorite trends, favorite looks, favorite designers but if I had to narrow down a specific year to summarize the look I'm currently going for it would be Rodarte's and Balmain's Fall 2008 collections.  From Rodarte I would take the slasher leggings and knitwear but sans the flowy skirts and from Balmain the amazing mini dresses, slim blazers and pants.  Why this year you may ask...I mean its not like their more current collections aren't as amazing and relevant to the look I'm going for?  Well it stems from my obsession with the DIY project from Childhood Flames I talked about in my last post......a tutorial on shredding a t-shirt.  This one highly tedious project has not only consumed my days since Sunday but it has spawned a search for anything cotton to shred.  Yes I have finished my first shirt to what I feel is an amazing result...see below... but have since started another shirt and a pair of leggings. I just love how I can take a simple t-shirt and organically create this amazing piece of art.....much like those pieces done by Eva Hesse who actually was inspiration for Rodarte's F2008 collection.  Wearing a piece like this enables you to stand out but still stay comfortable.  Now on to the finished piece. The shirt started out as a plain cotton v-neck shirt from Forever 21 and over the course of two days was transformed into this.  As you can see below I paired it with slim pants and since I was out and about running errands I lessened the effect with a pair of crystal studded flat sandals and belted the shirt with a simple black ribbon. That did not stop the staring or the snickering but I have to say I truly loved how the shirt turned out.  This weekend stay tuned to see it paired with heels and rock accessories plus my other two pieces that I am working on now.

The great thing about my current obsession is that I'm not the only one with it.  All over stores right now a toned down version of this look is available.  Channelling more of Balmain Spring2010 with the holes being more pronounced, stores all over are selling grungy "I'm with the band" looks.  Some of my favorite come from Elizabeth and James and the newly discovered Nasty Gal. At least I know if my fingers go numb from separating weave after weave I can just go snag a proper alternative.

Heavy Slashing Knit

Rough and Tumble Knit

CheapMonday Cut Out Dress

Till the next post..........


Anonymous said...

im in love this style,, but im scared that i'd wud cut it wrong! :(

Han-omi said...

Love your DIY, I tried that once but.. complete failure haha.
Following your blog :D

Naughty Baubles said...

Kuosisdiary I ruined four shirts before it went right....thank god for $3.50 shirts at F21

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