Monday, September 20, 2010

****DIY Sundays on Mondays****

After viewing Rodarte's Spring Collection, I found myself completely inspired

Although aesthetically Rodarte's SS2011 Collection is quite beautiful, practically speaking I couldn't see myself wearing many of the pieces.  Back home, wood paneling doesn't even get a second look let alone an admirer but still I felt drawn to the rustic and earthy color palette as well as the downright awkwardness of the wood paneling itself.  I couldn't let it go and before I knew I had arrived in front of my favorite bead store looking for perfect wood beads and other complimentary pieces.  After about an hour I had checked out and was ready to create.

I really love how easy this piece is to wear and its versatility as it can be worn numerous ways.  It really sucks that I've put it up for sale but, as I always tell myself when faced with this dilemma, I can always make another

1 comment:

Rulymuse said...

I like how you incorporated the color from the runways looks. I can see the inspiration... love it. It reminds me of safari too. Plus black n brown are the new colo this season.

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