Tuesday, September 21, 2010

****Yes I Do Walk My Cat****

Many recent weekends have been spent at home with friends and family and with this upcoming trip to NYC with my mom I realized I never posted the pictures from two weekends ago.....

It was actually a busy Saturday for me and my mom.  I got in early and quickly went to my usual spot to take pictures of my outfit, which by the way I love.  This summer was the summer of renewed interest in short shorts. Unfortunately, though, this pair is the only pair that fit (I really toned up this summer so all the others were too big). And what made me buy these shorts? Call it trashy, but I love it when the pockets hang out of the hem.  Anywho, this look was super comfy and perfect for the changing season as it is sunny and chilly.  Also, the boots were an amazing score at my job last year...only $12. 

On my way to pick up my mom, I saw a huge poster advertising a Cat Show at the local technical high school and instantly knew exactly what we were going to do.  My mom was not too thrilled as she was afraid I might stick them with another pet of mine.  See, my cat Salem currently lives with them and my dad never lets me forget how I abandoned my child and left him with them.  He also tries to sneak Salem into one of my bags when I am packing to go but deep down inside I know both of my parents would not know what to do with themselves if I really did take Salem with me.  Anywho, upon arrival at the show, I really was expecting something major.  Similar to the dog shows on Animal Planet every weekend.  I was rudely awakened to what was more comparable to a soccer mom convention.  I enjoyed seeing all the cat breeds in person but did not appreciate the attitude from the owners.  Many were resistant to answering any of my questions about their cats and down right ignored me in some instances.  However all was not a waste as I got to meet my favorite breed, the Devon Rex.  Not only is it considered the "alien cat" for its awkward looks but it is hypo-allergenic (extremely important as my boyfriend claims to be allergic).  It is such an adorable cat with lots of energy and full of love.  I really want to save up for it as it comes with a hefty price tag.

After the cat show we headed to Mystic for their "Taste of Mystic."  After finding amazing parking in the congested downtown area, we walked around entering some of the quaint (and extremely overpriced) little shops.  When we got to the street where the festival was taking place, we immediately realized that it was $20 to get in and eat samples so, with dinner soon approaching, we nixed it and headed to the bead store where I spent more than the $20.  After that, and afraid we might spend more money, we headed home to begin our cookout.

When we got home, my cat immediately began to sniff us.  He really hates when I smell of other cats much like a wife would hate to smell another woman's perfume on her husband.  To make him happy, I decided to take him out for a walk.  YES, I do walk my cat.  For countless years I have received nothing  but ridicule for putting a cat on a leash and walking him as if he was a dog.  I just feel a pet is a pet and since my cat loves to be outside why not give him the freedom of roaming without wondering if he will make it back home.  We do let him out by himself and he always returns home but it really is safer on the leash. And yes, he will walk with me.....but only with me walking behind him.  If I end up by his side he will stop and look up, begin to walk again slowly making sure I stay behind a few paws. With the cat happy outside, me and my mom began to grill.  Although my dad swears we did it wrong and wasted coals, everything turned out great.  I am actually quite good on an open flame.  And once the chicken and baked potatoes were done, I started on the cake.....a triple layer lemon filled coconut cake.  The best part was how anti-cake my dad was but once it was done he literally ate half of it leaving my mom without a piece. 

I would have loved to take more pics of the breeds but it just wasn't happening with the attitudes of the different owners.  However I did snap a pic of my fav, the Devon Rex

Downtown Mystic is so beautiful....I would love to have a condo right there on the water with a place to dock my boat....only in my

I have a big issue with waiting for the cakes to cool before I remove them from the

That was a great weekend at home and I really am looking forward to this weekend in NYC with my mom.  We are still not sure if we're gonna stay over as I want as much money to shop as possible but either way its gonna be great.  Stay tuned for those pics and see you next post

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