Wednesday, September 1, 2010

****Morning Inspiration****

It't 6am and I'm off to work but not without a little inspiration for the day......

I was browsing Topshop this morning and came across The Outsiders Collection and fell in love. 

My favorite look!!!!

Shearling, ribbed over-the-knee socks, cozy sweaters and short skirts are all somehow going to find their way into my fall wardrobe.  Especially the shearling......boy do I need a shearling bomber!!!!

Till the next post...............



love! fashion&photography:)


Sisi said...

I fell in love aswell lol.
Especially love the second last and the last picture, they are amazing!
BTW i love how you are supporting me on my blog, really means a lot to me.
Thanks for the comment on my video debut hah:P

Take care..
Looking forward to everything that's coming from you!


Veronique Spenser said...

is a great inspiration! love all the outfits!

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