Wednesday, September 1, 2010

****Look For Less****

After seeing Burberry Prorsum A/W 2010 collection I was on cloud 9...

However my euphoric state was short lived after catching a glimpse at the gigantic price tag. My beloved shearling could be mine for only a mere $3595 and that still left the skirt, the shirt, the get my point. Season after season, runway looks make their way to mass-market retailers enabling the remaining 90% of the population to have the latest looks.  Sometimes they get it right.  Other times, not so much and you are left questioning why they even bothered.  Stores like Forever 21 and H&M always get it right but that in itself is the big problem.  You end up having to stalk the employees hoping they will let you know when the item you've been dreaming about will actually hit the sales floor.  Even then you may have to call into work sick to ensure that you are the first person in the store once they open only to find that miraculously your size is not available and no store nearby has it either.  After a few incidents like this you tend to wonder why you continually put yourself through so much torture just for a single dress or jacket.  But then you see someone wearing it and before you can exhale you find yourself in front of a computer scouring eBay hoping someone bought out a size run.

But enough about me and back to Burberry.  Even if I could save up the almost $10k it would cost me to get the look, I would find the items very difficult to track down 2 years later.  So instead I spent some time using the Google Machine and my lunch breaks sprinting through the mall in search  of my best Burberry Look For Less.  I tried to keep the total under $500 only because I know shoes are always pricey for a good pair...nobody wants to lose a heel on a girls night out....and I didn't want to skimp out on the quality of the jacket either.  For those of you out there who too would love to wear this look I hope this as helpful to you as it was for me.

The Coat
             - The main idea for me was that it was a short shearling aviator coat or fleece-lined aviator jacket.  I do love the thick and warm Burberry's is but ideally I would want something I could still wear indoors and in early fall.  I also know that Forever 21 and H&M have a great version either available now or soon but I didn't throw in any pics of theirs...sorry.

Found this one on eBay currently at $11!!!

This is my favorite one and is from Next at only $128

This is the Topshop Sheepskin Jacket but on eBay for $145 

This option is from Shop Nasty Gal and cost $168 

Not quite the look but I still liked it so I threw it in anyway.  Its INC from Macy's and costs $99

Another Shop Nasty Gal option for $78
The Dress
             -Now there were two options: lace or draped. I preferred the draped look and luckily the INC Department at my job had an amazing one that is listed below.  However that didn't keep me from looking around.

INC dress for $79

Great option from Forever 21 for $29.80

After finding this one I think I like it more than the INC option plus its only $34

The Shoes
            -There were two different styled boots in their collection: over-the-knee boots and ankle/mid-calf buckled boots.  I love them both so i gave a few options. 

Love these boots so much from Bakers for $129.95

These babies are shearling lined and so amazing at $161 from Next....can I also just say I had no idea I could order from this site

Love the work boot sole on these and for $29.99 who could say no plus they come in brown and gray!!

Well now that a few hours have passed and I still have one more post to finish I think I will wrap this up.  I know I will definitely be rocking this look sometime soon.

See you next post


ari said...

great post! yes a shearling aviator jacket (a la Burberry) is at the very top of my fall list.
love the next one. Also saw one from new york and co, not sure if it's out yet.

Sisi said...

H&M actually have launched an amazing aviator jacket, to only 43$, isn't that unbelievable?
Thinking about buying it!


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