Tuesday, November 16, 2010

****Currently Trending: Snake Charmer****

Okay everyone, although I've been absent I have not been lazy and for my first post after the hiatus I figured to get right down to business.  With the gifting season approaching and parties upon parties to attend, what better time to discuss some of my favorite jewelry trends out and let you in on what I've been up to......that is besides my day job .

 This time of year is very stressful on the average gift giver and although many stray from giving jewelry, if you look for some of these key items you will not only be pleasantly surprised by the response but will find yourself deemed "Best Gift Giver" in your group. Lets begin......


One of the trends I'm seeing is snake jewelry, whether its using the print on cuffs or taking the actual scaly creature and turning it into something beautiful.  Celebrities from Rachel Zoe to Sarah Jessica Parker to Angelina Jolie have all been spotted wearing some form of this trend and although its not actually a new trend (this theme can be seen in many vintage pieces and was resurrected a year or two ago), it has earned some lasting power. For Spring 2011, designers such as Carrera Y Carrera, Aurelie Bidermann, Jack Vartanian and Fallon have all included these slithering reptiles in their line up. Plus a ton of Etsy sellers have also tuned in.

Including me.......

Snake Charmer on Etsy $40

With this necklace I added a feminine charm to the trend with a mix of pearls and crystals.  And as a play on the snakes symbolic meaning in jewelry, I added lock and key charms.  You've probably been lead to believe that snakes only represent darkness and evil but on the contrary, they have been symbols of fertility, immortality, good fortune and everlasting love. With the last meaning holding strong in my mind, this necklace took on a deeper meaning as the snake toggle clasp falls centrally on the wearer close to her heart and becomes intertwined symbolizing infinity this case...eternal love. 

So, if someone on your gift giving list means quite a bit for you and doesn't have a serious fear of snakes then this trend would be perfect.  Not only would it be fashionable this season and next, but you can say it also represents the love shared between you. 

Next up on Currently Trending......Its All In The Wrists

See you then and happy shopping

All pictures courtesy of Etsy, and Google

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