Wednesday, November 17, 2010

****Naughty Obsessions****

And yes people....I do mean naughty

As much as I am on Etsy for my own store, I don't often get the chance to browse all of the wonderful handmade and vintage goodies.  So after posting my one of my newest listing, Hanging On By A Chain, I checked out some of my fav stores and came across the suggested shops section.  Some of the options I liked but once I came across AntisepticFashion's Etsy Store I can honestly say I fell in love.  From  posture collars to asymmetrical bustiers to harnesses to spats, this site has everything one would need for their naughtier side. And...its all leather!!!!!!

Hypsipyle Leather Corset

Sima Leather Harness/Top with Feather shoulder accents

Circe Leather Corset with feather bustle

Riya Special Garment Weight Leather Unisex Spats
There isn't much information on their own site ( a host for tons of other amazing pieces) about whose creative baby Antiseptic Fashion is but their Etsy store says they are located in Los Angeles and are actually looking for part-time help.   It is a bit theatrical and Lady Gaga-ish but, each item can easily become wearable.  For example, the leather bustier could be matched up with a pair of jeans, killer shoes and over a simple t-shirt and look amazing.  The corset with feather bustle would look so hot with a pencil skirt and the harness has been featured on a few runways as an accessory.  So yes....first look screams bedroom only but upon closer look I see a ton of unique wearable pieces.  Also, everything is custom made to your liking. Because of the price tag you won't find me buying anything in a hurry but, I do expect to own one of their amazing pieces at some point in my lifetime.  What about you?

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StyleByLuxx said...

love those pieces I would like to do a photoshoot with something like that!

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