Wednesday, November 17, 2010

****Designer Dossier****

So, with a fresh outlook on my blog and Etsy store after the hiatus, I've  begun to implement a few new surprises.  With respect to my Naughty Baubles jewelry, we now have "Currently Trending" which lets you guys in on what trends are inspiring me and now we have "Designer Dossier" where past and present jewelry designers I love will receive a moment of admiration.  First up is PR beauty turned Jewelry Designer Camille Miceli.

With a somewhat unconvential path into her current designing role, it would seem that regardless Camile was meant to be in fashion.  After stepping into internships for fashion goliaths Chanel and Alaia (and a short period in college), Miceli ended back at Chanel but in PR.  From there she entered into the arms of another major house, Louis Vuitton, in 1997.  With its newly appointed leader Marc Jacobs somewhat behind, Miceli found herself offering up ideas during the creative process as a way to keep herself busy at time when her PR responsibilities were on the light side.  Becoming a source of ingenious conceptions, anyone remember the patent leather Monogram Vernis, she was soon (well 6 years) taken on as jewelry designer. From there its history.  Hit charm bracelets and an extremely successful colaboration with Pharell Williams in 2008 gave her extreme credentials.  Which once again transplanted her into the embrace of yet another major player, Dior, in 2009 where she still resides to day.

And what exactly makes her so incredible to me?  Besides the amazing transition within the fashion industry which was no small feat, her pieces all have a fun, whimsical and substantial fell to them but still remain relatable.....always easy to wear and practical.  This especially rings true with respect to her work with her present employer.  From the Mise en Dior collection to the Diorose and Diorchester, I love them all and find myself truly inspired by her work.

Stay tuned to see how her mix of gold, pearls and metal inspire some beautiful pieces for Naughty Baubles and to see whose next up on Designer Dossier....

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