Monday, February 21, 2011

****DIY -- Multi-tasking Suede Choker*****

Hooray, its DIY time again!!!!!


I'm still gushing over Lanvin's Spring 2011 collection.  The candy brights with metal and leather jewelry, the flowy skirts, the amazing prints, the chic simplicity, the attention grabbing neutrals with hardware, its complete wearability...I mean what's not to love right?  But the idea of a choker was something that really caught my attention. I can actually say I haven't owned a true choker in sometime. I think the last time I had one would be prom...a silver rhinestone choker complimented my silk, cream, full length Grecian number and before that it may just be the candy necklaces I absolutely loved as a child.  Despite my less than occasional relationship with them, the Lanvin chokers had me quite intrigued and willing to give them a go again.  

At the time, I hadn't really seen one available that I was in love with so I let the idea slip from my mind until I saw this lovely one on Sandra of 5 Inch And Up....

And for some reason I finally thought of a cool DIY.

Beyond all the stares I received while shopping for supplies, I found it difficult to find the perfect pendant that would be easy to attach and then I saw this lovely coral colored, sea urchin like bead and figured it was quirky enough to just maybe work.  Besides, it made me smile :) 

You don't need all that much to make this except
  • a pendant
  • a piece of leather (i chose a thin suede just because I couldn't find my heavy duty leather needle)
  • some scrap chain
  • pliers
  • rivet kit
  • hammer/mallot
  • large jump rings
  • scissors
  • needle & thread
  • Exacto knife
Okay so maybe you do need a pretty substantial amount of things...

First thing you want to do is cut the strip of leather that will be your choker.  You will need a straight edge and although a ruler would be ideal, I didn't have one so a magazine will work just as well.  The width is completely up to you but is somewhat determinined by the size of the jump rings that will be used to attach the choker to your chain.
Once the strip is cut out it is now time to attach the pendant.  I centered mine but there is no reason why you can't off center yours.  It may be helpful to mark exactly where you want the pendant that way as you sew it on you have guideline in case it shifts.

Although there are only a few pictures make no mistake, this process was not quick.  I can fashion a necklace in the blink of an eye but give me a needle and thread and its like I have no clue how to use my hands....

With the pendant on we can now attach the jump rings with the rivets.  I bought a small kit and it does come with much more than you need but I found this part to be tad bit frustrating.  I have used grommets before with no problem but they were much larger and easier to attach.  With these being so small it is easy for them to get off center.  The extra amount may end up being useful if you don't succeed on the first attempt...or second.......or third. The key thing to remember is to use a flat, hard surface and trust me, your IKEA beside table is not unless you want a small puncture hole in it from the hammer :)  Better to use the ground outside.

Notice the puncture hole.....hehehehe

With the jump rings attached you are now in the home stretch.  Just attach your chain and voila!!!

And as usual I just couldn't end the fun here so I fashioned another, simpler choker...........

That can also moonlight as a cool bracelet!!!

The possibilities are endless with this idea so be prepared for spinoffs by me on this DIY...I'm actually working on another one as we speak so check back later.....

Have fun and see you next post!!


shirley said...

This is so clever! Thanks for the idea. I want to try doing a black thinner black one.

Anonymous said...

i use to wear a black heart chocker.. it was soo cute (i lost it=/). this post reminds me of it.

lydia-lee said...

so clever!

a fashion blog by lydialee!

Emilia said...

good luck making it!

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