Sunday, February 20, 2011

****Over Dressed For The Occasion -- What I Wore****

Quick supply run for this weeks DIY. Just me, my fur vest and my lovely new Aldo boots...

I took a short trip to the craft store around the corner for supplies and I have to say the response I received from the other shoppers was quite hysterical........and annoying.  Yes I am a girl wearing 5inch high platform boots and yes those are faux leather pants on my legs but one would have thought I was wearing a sign that read "fuck you"...despite that being exactly how I felt.  As walked down a back aisle to get to the leather section, my impending presence immediately stopped a father and son moment dead in its tracks.  The conversation ended and silence was upon both of them.  I ignored this and preceded on.  As I wandered around a bit I was again faced with the stares and immediate silence as I approached fellow shoppers.  Maybe my "unholy" presence ruined their Sunday family outing and maybe Mom was a little worried that Dad may want her to put on pair. Either way, the reaction I received was completely unnecessary...I wasn't even wearing make up for goodness sake.

Normally I wouldn't even be fazed by this but recently I was informed about a certain misconception a father had about me.  Apparently, despite much proof to the contrary, I am a partying, boy crazed, 20 something who lives life beyond the fullest and, and this is the kicker, a bad influence on certain friend who has been a figure in my life since grade school.  I will not repeat the exact words but needless to say I was more than shocked.  Not one action of mine could have led him to this conclusion.  I have been in an amazing relationship with my boyfriend for 8 years now, do not go out clubbing like most my age, spend most of my time with my friend either bead shopping or watching recorded episodes of Doctor Who and Family Guy, have always been more than respectful in his company and have never once been behind any bad choice my friend has made. In fact, she has never made one wrong choice that would be considered regrettable.  She doesn't even drink. Not only did he insult me but he also insulted the judgement of his daughter which for some reason hurt me the most. And all of this came to light after she discussed her plans for an upcoming trip to the city.  Originally we were going to stay the weekend but as plans were less than solidified the once reasonable cost for the swanky hotel we planned to lodge in increased to typical inflated New York prices.  But before the price hike was known, she informed her father about another (yes another as we have done this before) trip to NYC with me and he was less than thrilled.  What if she wants to go out clubbing?  What happens if she brings a boy back?  What happens if she gets too drunk?  What happens if she leads you into a horrible situation?  WHAT KIND OF PERSON DOES THIS GUY THINK I AM!!!!  

Seeing as we have been acquaintances since grade school and best friends since 8th grade, I began to wonder if he has always felt this way about me.  But as I recall he hasn't.  I've spent countless weekends in their company.  Countless hours on their couch watching cartoons and listening to music. Never has my behavior been a problem.  Oh yes he has probably over heard a few girl conversations but really, I've heard much worse on the soaps. As I recall I am the same person I have always been and if something changed about me, my actual self, then chances are me and my friend wouldn't still be.  But, as I recall, something has wardrobe.  Gone are the days of jeans and a t-shirt.  No longer do I just throw on some A&F hoodie and flats and call it a day.  I want to dress up.  I want to wear heels and and a little mascara.  I enjoy my increasing selection of dresses and skirts.  And I must say, as I have gotten older I love the progression I have made with fashion.  I no longer am afraid of it but can actually say I embrace it. As I am finally figuring out who I am today (as it will most likely change tomorrow) and I enjoy it.  So screw the people who feel threatened or don't like. Besides, its not like I'm walking around like Kesha during a performance or Taylor Momsen during one of her extreme days (if they even know who they are). Despite may limits if you must I love and respect that they have none.  And  if tomorrow I want to emulate one of their looks, I shouldn't be crucified for it.  I am an adult and can wear what the hell I want.

Now on to the outfit that caused the reaction at the craft store during family day.

It may not be 4 door Porshe (which I really, really like) but I do really love my Subaru.  I named her Mimzie Pandora and despite her increasing flaws, she's perfect!!!

I don't know about you but this look does not warrant the response it received (I'm completely covered).  On to the outfit details.  The shoes I got from (better pics here) and I am so happy I grabbed.  They will probably find their way into every "What I Wore" post from here on out.  The leather leggings are from Forever 21, the fur vest and scarf from H&M and the green cargo jacket was an amazing score from Wetseal. It was only $5 people.

Till the next post.......which, by the way, will be a DIY!!!!!


Banhannas said...

Your outfit is fabulous and probably warranted a reaction because you weren't dressed like everyone else: t-shirt and jeans. I sometimes feel like wearing heels and a metallic skirt to Walmart and I often get some looks but ehhh whatever, right? You wear clothes for you! And you look great. =0D

Meggstatus said...

Oh my gosh, I love the sound of cars when they drive by and snow under your shoes is a great sound too!

Love the vest girl, you are rocking it.

Jade said...

looove this outfit, the first picture is amazing


Fashion Smiley said...

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