Monday, March 14, 2011

****Carry It All - My DIY****

Once upon a time, a DIY loving blogger was inspired by the clutch fever spreading through out the fashion world and, armed with fashion week snapshots, pronounced her desire to create one said coveted accessory by hand and almost two weeks later said blogger has finally gotten around to showing the final product....

As for the post opening, I just didn't want to start it off with the regular occurring "sorry so late with the post but...." and I felt like being a tad creative.  Before we get into the pictorial steps of this so not easy DIY, I do need to vent a tad about Jo-Ann Fabrics. Not that its the best fabric store on earth or anything but when it comes to a DIY project their prices and selection are usually sufficient. But leave it to me find the loophole...leather.

They don't carry it. 

Not even faux leather.


Well they did have vinyl which is apparently what I ended up with.  I could have sworn I saw leather in their home textiles section, which was the first section I went into.  All I could find was suede and I didn't quite like it.  Nonetheless I bought this amazing lilac color vinyl which made me happy and I figured if all went well I could just make another one.




So that was my first attempt at hand.  I loved the way it came out, much like the American Apparel clutch that initially inpspired me.  But I still had some left over fabric and realizing I was going to spend a weekend at home with my parents, and my mom's three sewing machines, I decided to try a go at another one.  Putting the zipper on was somewhat challenging in getting it to look professional and I felt the second time around would go smoother. I bought a new, heavy duty coat zipper and dug out a cool tassel I found on the ground one day (Yes...I washed it) and got to work.

Yes, the use of the sewing machine for a DIY did require a DIY beverage consisting of 1 part Whip Cream flavored vodka and 2 parts Milk Chocolate Wine (which is absolutely amazing for those of you who haven't tried it) and because I had a massive sweet tooth...a bit of chocolate.

My cat is the official sampler and feels the need to inspect any and everything edible.....and sometimes not quite so edible but hey he's a cat.  And no, he only got to sniff the drink for the picture.  Although in college he was known to steal a lick or two of beer from an abandoned bottle, alcohol is SO off limits for him.

He's a

"You know, Megan, its not an alien or anything.  You have seen one before."  That's my dad as he watched me curiously inspecting the sewing machine.  Despite having used one on a rare occasion, sewing in general is not like riding a bike and I am catapulted back to virgin status everytime I am face to face with one.

And that's how the clutch pictured first came about.  I'm really attached to that one, its a bit more fun but I will definitely keep you guys updated, now that I got the hang of the sewing machine, on my third attempt with real leather.

P.S. Did you know I holding a GIVEAWAY?!?!?!?!?!?!


Sian said...

This is awesome! I have a few spare bits of leather, definitely know what I'm doing with them now.. x

Banhannas said...

This is so funny, my best friend called me in the middle of the night ranting about how Jo Ann's doesn't have fur or faux fur. Pretty outrageous they don't stock leather or faux leather at that.

The purple is really nice. My, you are very resourceful with a good eye. Can't believe you found the tassel on the ground! Really nice handy work, I'm sending this to my crafty friend of mine.

shirley said...

WOW!! THIS IS AMAZING :) Honestly, I think it's pretty "easy" for anyone who has experience with a sewing machine, it just takes a little time. The result, however, is totally worth it. I think that I might look around a thrift store for some fabrics (chop up some old clothes lol) to create a clutch, instead of buying new.

Are you going to try to make more and sell them in your etsy store? Cause I think that'd be a really great idea...

NaughtyBaubles said...

Thanks guys :)

@banhannas I thought it was really ridiculous too that didn't it seeing as they claim to be this one stop shop for all things sewing and crafting but I did notice scrap faux fur in one section. It was with all the suede lacing and rivets

@shirley my mom kept telling how she couldn't understand what was taking me so long but I'm somewhat of a heavy foot so I'd floor the peddle and things would just go wrong...hopefully the more I use it I will be able to get better at it and it would be kinda cool to add some clutches into the shop.

@Sian & @shirley Do post pics of your clutches when your done!! I would love to see

Syrious said...

LOVE your outfit!! super cool!!!!
and i wanna be a visual merchandiser too!! i'm studing for it but it's hard in italy!
hope you'll follow me so i'll do the same!!

Francesca said...

I love the clutch! make me one :)

major said...

How big was the fabric square/ how much fabric was used?... I am making this one lol the tassle great idea

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