Sunday, May 15, 2011

****Around It Goes - DIY****

What's the one thing I can't stop obsessing over?   Wrap around bracelets....

I've really been into easy concepts lately.  Maybe that wasn't worded correctly but simple things have made a comeback in my life.  Denim for one.  I forgot how simple it was to put on a pair of jeans and walk out the door.  Now that isn't to say that I have completely given up on putting any thought into my attire. That would not be the case at all.  However, going from fretting over whether or not the boot height elongates or shortens my legs when paired with a skirt that I am not so sure will be appropriate in such windy conditions because of its light nature to a decision as simple as to cuff or not to cuff is quite liberating.  But denim is only one way in which simplicity has reentered my life.  It has also popped up in some of my jewelry designs.  I'm all about small details that add the wow factor.  Although not all that modest, I have found working with rhinestone chain to be quite interesting.  Despite its flashy nature, when paired with something as simple as embroidery thread or suede lacing, the effect can be quite addictive.  So for quite some time now, I have been wrapping myself into oblivion.  Its quite simple to do and quite simple to wear and I love it.

But of course I started thinking about the endless possibilities and came up with a bit more complicated version...not necessarily in actual skill level needed to complete it but clearly not as simple as two steps.  Anywho......

Some basic materials are needed:
  • chain (any style that suits your fancy)
  • shoe laces ( ofcourse we all have some lying around but when it came to work out this DIY not one single strand presented itself to me so I just went and picked some up)
  • rhinestone chain
  • fabric glue
  • invisible thread and needle
  • elastic cord
  • a button or bead to use as the second half of the fastener
  • embroidery thread
Once you have these you're ready to get started

Take a shoe lace and cut off the ends.  
Begin to wrap it around your wrist so that you can gauge how long you need it to be.  It really depends how many times you want it to loop around but my strand was around 13 inches.  
Once you've got your length, trim off the excess and then begin to prepare you design.  How much of your bracelet will be rhinestone versus chain. I did mine half and half.  Trim excess chain and rhinestone.

Now the fun begins as you start to sew the trimmings onto the shoe lace.  With the rhinestones, I sewed over the metal separators and with the chain I sewed over the interlocking point between links.

After securing both on the base, I went back and added a few dots of craft/fabric glue to a few random spots just for added security.

Now snip off a small piece of the elastic cord.  The length really depends on what size your bead/button fastener is as you want to make sure it tightly fits over it.

Once you have your elastic cord, bring the two ends together securely hold on one end of you embellished strand.  Continuing to hold in place, begin to sew onto the strand making sure the stitch is tight as it will constantly be tugged at when wearing.  

After completely sewn on, take your embroidery thread and tie a knot over the now attached elastic cord loop.  Smear a bit of glue over the area and begin to wrap the thread around all of the elastic attached to the strand so everything but the loop is neatly covered.

On the other end of the strand, so on your button or bead securely.

Tie off the remaining thread and then viola.......

Your very own wrap bracelet!!!

The possibilities are endless between the vast amount of embroidery thread and shoe lace colors so go ahead and have some fun. This was my first attempt at this particular style so the end result wasn't perfect.  However I am sure to continue practicing so look forward to seeing a few more of these babies pop up in future posts.


cb said...

what a great bracelet! did you make that? i love it!


Chrysa said...

Beautiful bracelet! I would loved it in other colors as well!!
I have become a follower of you, I would be grateful if you visited and followed my blog as well:)

Stories and Sequins

Thank you in advance!


Donna said...

Very creative and different! I love it, especially the sparkle. Great job!

Screaming Sardine said...

Very pretty. Love the bling!

Tracy Screaming Sardine

SJ @ Homemaker On A Dime said...

Thanks for linking this awesome post at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop :)

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