Tuesday, May 17, 2011

****The Beachcomber****

Unlike this past weekend, last weekend was beach going weather....

I got up early last Saturday...well rather two Saturdays head to the beach for some pics as my new collection for Naughty Baubles on Etsy is called "Beachcomber" and I thought it would be fitting. Unfortunately because of the good weather my early start was met with less than gratifying results as the beach was already littered with people.  The small beach by my parents place has two parts so I just headed over to the smaller, more secluded part only to find....people.  Since I had my heart set out on getting the task done, I proceeded to set up and once I was ready to take the first picture my lovely camera died.


After packing up, getting batteries from a gas station at an inflated price and returning only to find no close parking spaces and more people, I picked up where I left off.  An hour later and with much distraction from wondering children who couldn't resist the temptation of constantly asking me what I'm doing and why, I decided it would be just fine to stop now and resume on the following weekend.  That's so didn't  happen this past weekend as it did nothing but rain and currently still is so instead of holding off I figured it couldn't hurt to show what I had so far.....

Okay so  by now your probably wondering whats up with the stereotypical running away cloth on a stick.  Believe it or not, it's the awesome makeshift shopping bag given to me after purchasing from the coolest vintage shop in the state. I say this only because I haven't actually run into a true vintage store around.  A lot of places call 1990's Gap jeans and last year's Forever 21 vintage but not this store. It was like walking into my Grandma's closet with all the amazing 1960's minis and amazing furs.  And speaking of mazes, that is somewhat how the store itself is set up.  Upon entering you're immediately hit with a slew of cool accessories in cases, out of cases, everywhere really and off to your right you see a ton of men's clothing.   Running against the 15 minutes on my parking meter, I made a bee line through the men's despite seeing a few interesting button downs and found the mecca of all vintage dresses.  Vintage wedding dresses mixed with chiffon maxis in pastel colors mixed with brocade shift dresses in coral and gold.  The assortment was mind blowing for me.  Plus the prices were amazing with many dresses under $50.  I headed back to the accessories and took a better look.  I have a great DIY I've been dying to do where you re-purposes vintage earrings but I haven't been able to find really great ones for cheap, I mean I'm not gonna pay top dollar to rip them apart. I did find some but again because of the great quality the price was bit high. From vintage bathing suits to amazing beaded handbags, again I found myself completely wrapped up in each and every piece. As I rounded the fitting rooms, I noticed a small hallway with lingerie hanging on the walls and, feeling adventurous and hoping I wouldn't be stopped by the sales associates behind the counter, I followed it.  At the end of the curvy hallway I came across the mecca of vintage shoes and fur.  I almost died.

See my relationship with this store is quite interesting.  For years, I would venture downtown and come across this massive store front with tons of funky dresses hanging in it.  And for years I would just continue past it.  Many times I would be on my way to work and they aren't open at 6AM and on my way home I was always tempted but the parking situation is either pricey garage or parallel...something I try to avoid on a major four lane downtown street.  But one day, with nothing to really do and my car already safely parked in a garage, I decided today would be the day I'd stop in.  As I walked over to the store I froze on the other side of the street just as I was about to cross.  It was gone.  Written all over the store front once riddled with dresses was its new location.  I searched and searched for this place that day and for many days later with no luck. Coming back to present day, I resumed to taking the backroads to work.  Its summer again and the nice ride is a great way to clear your head before and after work.  About two weeks ago, right before I was about leave downtown making the right hand turn I make five days a week on my way home, I saw a familiar sight....a window full of dresses.  This whole time the store was hiding right infront of my face....literally!!

So eager to finally be in the store, I was even more motivated to make a purchase.  Despite the decision being so difficult, I managed to pick out two things and upon check out the lovely lady behind the counter feverishly began looking for something to wrap up my finds.  Not quite sure why, I watched and when she found a brightly colored piece of scrap fabric, I watched her tie it a few times and then add a bamboo pole.  How cool!!  Its little things like that, that really keep a store on your mind.  Beyond your purchase they send you home with something memorable forever imprinting them in your internal retail Rolodex. The store's called Fashionista Vintage & Variety, so fitting, but your probably wondering what I bought..........

I was immediately drawn to the stained glass necklace.  The pattern and colors are amazing.  I'm currently looking for some beautiful glass beads to match the either the blue or reddish orange color to add to the chain.  Really long necklaces are another current obsession of mine, especially ones that can be looped around the neck once or twice and have an amazing pendant at the end.  As for the coin purse/eye glass case, well that's a funny story.  I had completely settled on leaving the store with just the necklace but then saw a small sign stating a minimum credit card purchase.  Realizing I didn't have much time left on my meter, if I wasn't already a sitting target for the horrible people that are the parking authority, I quickly perused the assortment on the counter....then behind the counter....then inside the glass cases....then back to the jewelry section.  Not really seeing anything that screamed at me I was just about to leave with nothing and in the corner of my eye I saw color.  The 1960s or 70s beaded pouch was in perfect condition, brightly colored and priced at the exact amount I needed to make my purchase.  Talk about fate.

I have some great plans for both pieces I can't wait to share with you.  In the meantime though you can certainly take a look at the pieces I've made so far for my Beachcomber collection....

Available HERE


Available HERE


I have so many pieces I need to list on Etsy and luckily after this picture was taken I picked up some great carrying cases to avoid the pile of jewelry in a box


Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

so stunning. x hivenn

Dale said...

Wow, just found your blog, it's so well written and you have great photos. I love how you called it beach combing too, your jewelry is amazing and you look really pretty and chic in your cut off shorts and sweater.
Great post
Following you now
I have a fashion blog here in San Francisco

Caitlin said...

i love your jewelry! off to check out your Etsy store :)

Opposite lipstick said...

love it!

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