Tuesday, May 10, 2011

****Weekends In Review****

Okay, its been over two weeks since my last post. I haven't given up, I still enjoy you guys but I will admit to dropping off the face of the earth to re-group and relax.......

I can't say that I did a whole lot of relaxing.  New manager at work putting a slight kink into what was the perfect blow out ...arrrggghhhh.  Constant day dreams about "my path"...arrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhh.  And ofcourse the realization that your current path, i.e. pay, does nothing but barely keep you afloat....AAARRRGGGHHHH.  But enough of the debbie downing, I did have a bit of fun. My boyfriend and I spent some much needed time together doing what we love to do...road trips!!  This time though I brought the camera and I do believe it will take a few posts....

I think these people saw a picture of a home in a magazine and asked for it....scenery and all

Oh time off was also spent on making some great new pieces....but that's for another post

So not just soda...hehehehe

My baby..

Okay, I know, I did get a little snap happy on the camera but I promise you I was trying to capture just how wonderful a moment I was wrapped up in. Stay tuned cuz I've got more pics including some great new shots of the pieces I've been working on and some a few DIYs.

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beautiful!!!! dress lovely!!!

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