Tuesday, August 16, 2011

**** That Woman Is Volatile - DIY****

Summer is coming to an end here which means the return of layers, heavier knits, black and chunky accessories.  In other words for me, I get to bring back out my inner femme colder month bad ass.  Oh sure, during summer I wore my distressed shorts, sleek combat boots, and sheered tanks.  I layered on a few necklaces and definitely took part in the arm party craze.  I still rocked a moto jacket (although in a light cotton) and black but nothing compares to the lengths one can go during the upcoming season. Not only that but with a few of the hit movies soon to arrive flaunting destructive females (Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and Columbiana) I'm sure whatever is in the air I breath this time of the year will be taking hold of a few other fashionistas, especially after the looks scene on the runways in February.

From Balmain to Givency to Rick Owens to CA&LOU, many designers have caught wind of this hardcore trend and besides adding to my seasonal shopping list the mood has inspired me into a DIY frenzy.

  • a package of bolts and washers
  • chain
  • pliers
  • E-6000 (optional)

After much time in Lowes (one would think that I should know my way around the store not only because I'm a habitual DIY'er but also since my BFF is a manager there...but hey) I managed to come across the kind of bolt and washer kit I was looking for.  Now when you do this DIY it will be a good idea to buy one, bolts or chain, first and bring it with you so that you know what width will be needed.  If not, you'll be left with purchasing a bit more than needed just to make sure of a snug fit.

Measure out your chain to your desired length and gather a couple bolts.  Gently twist the bolt through one of the chain loops

Once bolt head is flush with the chain, begin to add the washer to the back.  With my choice of chain, the fit between the bolt and chain was really snug so when I began to add the washer, I had to ensure that the adjacent links did not shift out of alignment.  You may be able to screw the washer on until flush with the chain but in my case I was unable.  I did make sure it was very secure though.

Now its completely easy from here on out.  Continue adding the bolts in whatever pattern your hearts desire.  I spaced mine out evenly around the center of the chain.

And viola!! A simple necklace with a bit of industrial chic. Especially this fall, the starkness of the hardware will compliment the warm fall tones and add just the right touch to Bad Ass look.

With so much extra materials left over I went ahead and took the simple DIY a step further to create one killer statement necklace...

I wanted to wear it this past weekend with the striped dress pictured above but with the heat and the overall weight of the necklace I saw myself going thru the day quite uncomfortable.  I will be saving this lovely for a night out with cooler temps. 


devorelebeaumonstre. said...

LOVE this. xo

Vale ♥ said...

Awesome DIY project, love the result ! :) Kisses

Mikimoto Angel said...

I envy you for knowing how to make your own accessories. You are very creative! Nicely done. :-)

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