Monday, September 19, 2011

****Be Loud & Think Big****

What's up with the title?  It was my advice to my boyfriend in the event of a mountain lion attack during our hike on Sunday.  Morbid to think about but we had a handful of sightings and most people freak out and run but according to the news mountain lions are easy to scare aware in comparison to say a bear....which is actually much more common than the lion but outside of playing dead I am not sure how to prevent a bear attack.  Anywho with the weather getting cooler and more comfortable compared to the humidity we were experiencing only a week ago, a calming hike sounding like a great idea.  I am pretty sure until the weather really takes a dive we will try and make this a regular thing. 

It was the perfect way to end a great weekend before the arduous work week.....I just keep telling myself Friday is almost here and I can do it all over again

.See ya next post...

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lookin' like a nice wandering trip off the crowded place.



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