Wednesday, November 2, 2011

****Navajo Dreams - What I Want****

So after merchandising the hell out of the Denim & Supply department at work today, my want list just got a bit larger. Although I've had my eye on a handful of pieces...namely the beacon snorkel above that remains illusive in the states but completely available in the UK which is always the case and always upsetting...I figured I'd share and document it for easy reference in the

These babies will be mine this week as they are on sale now!!!!

Another illusive piece that I'm drooling over...

And this shirt will also be mine this weekend...another sale item that I can't pass up

Its unfortunate but I am happy to say that my "shopping block" so to speak has been lifted and I am once again hungry for newness in my closet. All I can say is I better start listing some new jewelry pieces on Etsy

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