Tuesday, November 1, 2011

****The Silent Meow****

From the falling temps on Friday night leaving us severely chilled to the bone, to the all day snow storm Saturday, to the random flu like symptoms starting late Saturday and complete melt down on Sunday, Halloween just didn't happen as planned.  I did manage to check out the best haunted trail ever on Friday night so atleast I can say I did something festive but as for dressing up and going out....well it was a completely flop.  Even with the option on Monday night, after slipping dramatically on ice on my way to the car earlier that morning spilling my coffee allllllllllll over me the last thing on my mind was an overcrowded club.  

With that said I still felt like putting on my costume in the celebration of the thought of Halloween and partaking in the festivities so heres to it....LOL

Jacket - XXI, Shredded Tank - DIY, Leggings - XXI, Shoes - Steve Madden, Necklace - DIY

And I would also like to formally introduce you to my latest addition to the shoe closet...Despite the JC undertones, they are Steve Maddens and I got them for a steal at work after the discount.  These babies alone were worth getting all dolled up for nothing...

Oh and the necklace was made last week after my NYC trip(which reminds me I have a handful of pics that I never posted).  I found a few new amazing bead stores with so many goodies I literally had to smack my hand every time I saw another amazing bauble.  The pendant is bone and was so fitting for the costume I whipped it up the very next day.  I may tweak it a bit but get used to seeing it in just about every outfit post for a while...hehe

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