Sunday, November 13, 2011

****Suede Coin Purse Necklace- DIY****

Some time ago I came across a picture of suede pouch necklace and told myself I should make one.  That was about a year ago and here we are today.  Talk about procrastination.  Anywho, as long as you have a leather needle and a sharp blade this is one super easy DIY.
And your shopping list should look something like this..
  • leather/suede scraps (grabbed a scrap bag from craft store for $4)
  • leather needle
  • embroidery thread
  • button
  • long chain
  • X-Acto 
  • straight edge
Now lets get started...

For a straight edge I ended up using my clay knife but a ruler or a book would work just the same.

Determine the size and shape of your pouch and for clean lines slice with your blade.

Fold the bottom part of fabric up leaving just enough remaining fabric to create the flap.

I wanted to use a contrasting pop of color so I chose coral embroidery thread.  Because even with the specific needle puncturing the fabric can still be difficult, I once again used my blade and created the wholes first.  It made the process so much easier and faster.  Line you straight edge along the side so that the holes will all line up.

Using your leather needle, thread it and begin to sew up on side of the pouch.  You want the stitching to go along the outside so making the back side of the pouch your initial entry point, pull the needle up through the hole, wrap around the outer edge and back up through the next whole.  Repeat this all the way up that side ensuring that the excess thread ends up again on back side.  Tie off the ends.

Now, with one side still untouched, grab your button and figure out how you want it to close.  I decided to put my flap on a slant which required me to use the straight edge and blade to trim off the excess.  I figured out where I would like my button to sit, sliced an opening in the flap just large enough to get the button through and then sewed the button on.

I sewed up the other side the same way and then added some decorative stitching along the border of the flap.  Next I sliced a small hole  on the back side of the flap for my large jump ring and attached  the chain.

I wanted the chain to be long so that this would make a great layering piece.  With Christmas in less than 60 days, this is a great present for any friend, cousin or Secret Santa party at work.


monicutte said...

cute DIY!
I will try it out! (;


MarieStella said...

i adore this!! awesome necklace!! i will do it!!

laura_fash said...

That's a lovely little pouch :)

Kimberly said...

this is so cute!

Anonymous said...

I want to do this. I think I have the perfect swatch of a dark brown leather!

Marcella said...

Such a great idea. I love the color of the stitching you chose.

x Marcella

vintage process said...


Kristen said...

how cute! i really like this.
good job : )

Jen said...

What a fantastic idea! Awesome and perfect for the kids! This is very innovative and educational. I loved the way you complete this necklace. We did a Penny game out of the same materials you used. You should check it out! :) Penny game for Preschoolers

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