Saturday, December 3, 2011

****Just In****


  1. Ecote Tribal Tank $20
  2. BDG Woven Loafers$20
  3. H&M Leather Shorts $25
  4. Natural Stones
  5. Strung Polished Stones
If you follow me on  twitter you would have seen the tweet about the amazing sale I ran into at Urban Outfitters the other night.  Every sale item was an additional 50% off and I immeditately started grabbing up some of the coveted items I've been stalking.  Despite going in with about 12 items, I managed to use a bit of self control and only grabbed the two items I was most excited about and knew I could wear immediately.  Sometimes, and I'm quite sure you are familiar with this problem, I end up buying something that is super cute but once in the closet completely isolates itself.  A good deal can get really expensive if you have to buy more just to wear it.  If you have a local U.O. you should definitely swing by and see if anything you had your eye on is now even cheaper.
As for the leather shorts, my third pair by the way,  from H&M I just couldn't pass them up.  They fit just like a favorite pair of broken in denim shorts and for the price it would have been a crime not to.  I also swung by my favorite rock shop for supplies and left with a handful of natural beauties. Stay tuned to see what becomes of the pyrite, amythest, and citrine quartz.

Have a great Saturday!!!

P.S. I took these pics with my phone and I am pretty impressed!!!


januarysublime said...

Your shoes are amazing.
Definitely a successful shop!!
JS xx

de luxe gypsy said...

Love the shoes and those leather shorts! Lucky you, 50% off!xx

carizzachua said...

I love your woven loafers! great find!

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