Sunday, January 29, 2012

****Sorry Mr. Binns - DIY****

 As I was simultaneously trying to figure out what I will be wearing out tonight for appetizers and drinks with my boyfriend, listing a few new pieces on Etsy and catching up on all the Blogger/Tumblr/Pinterest posts I came across this simple yet perfect necklace from Tom Binns.  I loved it until I saw the cost $70. Yeah that's pretty nominal in comparison to other pieces we drool over everyday but why pay that when you could DIY it and pay under $5.

  • pliers
  • long gold chain ( $1 necklace from dollar store - trashed the pendant it came with)
  • large safety pin ($2 at craft store)
  • Bend safety randomly.  You many need to used two pliers depending on how thick your safety pin is
  • String chain through safety pin
  • Wear out proudly
It doesn't get any simpler than this ladies..


Sisi said...

Yours is more beautifull in my opinion!

januarysublime said...

This is so simple, but so cool!
JS xx

locketq said...

I definitely prefer your's, it is far more elegant.


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