Tuesday, January 31, 2012

****If I Were A Machine...****

 ....I'd be about as rusty as "Mimsie" my Subaru.  I don't get manicures, I couldn't bear allowing someone to touch my feet (I'm insanely ticklish), my job is about as brutal on my skin as an hour spent in an arctic climate and I on average visit the salon once a year.  Well, after the holiday season came to an end I finally managed to get off my ass and take myself in for some routine maintenance. Me and my mom drove ourselves through the second snow storm of the season a weekend or two ago in one hilariously slippy ride to our joint appointment.  I enjoyed a nice glass of wine, got my hair relaxed and chopped off a few inches. Also squeezed in a quick eyebrow taming. Once we got back home I ran and grabbed a slew of much needed beauty essentials, gave myself  a manicure (yeah despite the clearer mind thanks to the groomed hair my new outlook did not lead me to a and when I returned to work on Monday I felt like a completely new person.  But as usual that only lasted about a day and once thrown back into my regular schedule my ends look as ratty as a shaggy coat on a stray dog, my nails are once again jagged and uneven and although my skin is more moisturized and softer than normal, its back to feeling dry and itchy. Now I don't even feel like I had the beauty and I am beginning to wonder why I don't stay on top of important things such as keeping my hands from feeling like Brillo pads. 

Any who, I wore this out over the weekend as it was unseasonably warm. I have been living in this sweater from Express ever since I got it and was really made to see that they did not have it in any other color left. I also discovered that my shorts fit a bit more snug than usual so I have once again started Pilates and Yoga. I would love to take classes at a studio but am currently so appreciative of the multitude of lessons for free thanks to On Demand.  Nothing beats being twisted into uncomfortable positions or making awkward, I can't believe this bitch on tv isn't sweating after this 45min long lesson face while in the comforts of your own living room.

(Sweater-Express, Clutch-R EM, Shorts-H&M, Boots-Steve Madden, Jewelry- Naughty Baubles/Vintage)

Hope your week is going well and just keep telling yourself Friday is just around the corner....

C u next post


Kimberly said...

really cute outfit love your sweater!

BlackSwan said...

fabulous outfit!
Bag & Boots <33


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