Wednesday, February 8, 2012

****In Bloom - DIY****

In the wake of the Jason Wu x Target catastrophe and H&M's notoriously selective allocation of designer collaborations, I cannot wait till March for Marni's scrumptious pieces to hit.  Besides, with the hype growing over the partnership the possibility of resellers swarming stores and grabbing up the good stuff before we can get to it is very high.  That is unless H&M decides to crack down on such unfair practices.  None the less I am getting off topic.  In many of the pictures floating around all I can see is a neckline in full bloom and I all I kept thinking was I want it.  

Which brings us to this DIY.

  • White Orchid Stem
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Wire Cutters
  • E-6000
  • Chain
  • Cord End Caps

  • Remove excess stem
  • Take cord end caps and attach to either end of orchid cluster.  Add a dab of glue of extra security if you need it.  With my caps I had to squeeze either end around the stem tightly so glue wasn't needed. 
  • Attach chain to caps
  • Wear out

I chose orchids only because out of all the faux florals at my craft store these looked the least cheap.  You can use any flower you find appealing and if its too much bloom don't hesitate to trim down the flowers.  Just make sure to snip right at the main stem so no one can tell it was plucked.  Super easy and you didn't have to fight for


va said...

Lovely idea and looks beautiful ! thanks for sharing it .

Kimberly said...

looks amazing love it against the black dress!

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