Tuesday, February 7, 2012

****Shine On - What I Wore****

(Scarf-XXI, Sweater-H&M, Tribal Tank-U.O., Leggings-XXI, Jewelry-Naughty Baubles, Shoes-Material Girl)

With every purchase lately I am one step closer to ridding my closet of its dark and moody vibe thanks to my all black work dress code. The latest injection of color is this metallic cobalt blue number which was a steal at H&M and technically a children's garment.  Now, maybe its just me but when did 11yr olds become so stylish.  I see them running around my local mall and coming into the store with their mothers but the one's I come across do not look like the young lads and lasses in the ads.  I would like to say the stylish parents are purchasing the pieces but at that age, especially with girls, its very difficult for the two groups to agree on anything.....

But now I'm going off on a tangent..

Anywho. I snagged this sweater, a kelly green mini and a new beanie all for under $20.  Add the cost of the vibrant (a bit more than the "Just Bitten" name suggests) lip stain and I still haven't spent over $30.  Gotta love a good deal


Six Six Sick said...

Love the sweater, it's such a great color of blue!

agnes said...

j'adore ton pull bleu

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