Sunday, February 12, 2012

****Neon and Leopard - What I Wore****

It was my birthday on Saturday (woo hoo)...another year older and I still feel like a freshman in high school which could be taken as a good or bad thing depending on who's asked.  Anywho, I bought these shoes so long ago and have talked about them a little too much for an item that has never seen the light of day.  It only seemed right to don them on such an occasion and I have to say they were a pleasure to wear except for the brief break when I slipped into some flats for a mile walk in the freezing cold to the museum. (The weather is always depressing for my birthday with it being winter and all) As for the pants, having loved them in orange I figured I could definitely use them in black so I bought them.  If you are a huge fan of H&M like I am you should definitely sign up for their mailing list.  I've gotten 2 coupons from them and with their prices already hitting the sweet spot, the deals get even better.  I'm just wondering who do I talk to about getting these pants made in mint green and pastel pink.....I think that would be perfect don't you? I originally wanted to pick up these pants from American Apparel but good lord $75!!!! Spending that just didn't to seem to settle well in my stomach.  Maybe another time when its not rent week or I can catch one of their warehouse sales.

As for the necklace, stay tuned for the DIY coming soon.  I got a little wire happy this weekend and my coiled wire ring post won't be last involving the amazing material...sorry. Other than that my weekend was perfect and it really sucks that its coming to an end.


Joyce said...

I love the neon and leopard and the necklace is soo cool!

Liana said...

this outfit is perfection, those shoes are killer and those pants are amazing!
btw thanks for all your great comments lately, sorry for the late response!


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