Saturday, February 11, 2012

****Simple By Design - DIY****

The Inspiration:

  • Tarnish-free wire 
  • Wire cutters
  • Ring mandrel
  • Cut a lengthy piece of wire
  • Wrap said wire around mandrel about one size smaller than your actual (the ring is open so it will give and you don't want it too loose)
  • Slide off mandrel and wear out

Another quick DIY for the girl in a rush and today I am especially anxious as its my B-Day!!!  I came across the inspiration in an Etsy treasury and with so much wire lying around I instantly went for it.  From delicate gold bands and simple chain rings, I've been seeing quite a bit of finger adornment going on and wanted in.  I love how simple it is yet extremely interesting....and not so delicate.  If the loose wire ends bother you, don't hesitate to wrap them around one of the chaotic coils.  Wouldn't want your new bauble snagging that  favorite sweater of yours.   

Anywho, I'm off for a fun day in the cold (yes it finally decided to start acting like winter today) and stay tuned.  All this wire work got me inspired and another project is on the way....


Twee said...

this is seriously sweet! love the simplicity of it =)


Elise said...

I love this! I'm teaching a mini jewelry camp for some high school girls next weekend and this looks like a project we might have to try! Thanks!

locketq said...
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locketq said...

I love the way copper/bronze wire looks, all on it's own no embelishments needed. So I think these simple little rings are great. I work for a jewelery desinger who works a lot with wire, she makes these amazing stone rings. Is that a ring sizer you have there, wear could I go to buy one of those?


(sorry btdubs, I posted only half my comment originally. Ha.)

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