Friday, March 23, 2012

****Musings - Ancient War Games****

--What the Ancients Knew--
Photographer - Lindsay Adler
Model - Maria Durruthy
Stylist - LSC for 4Season Style Management
Hair/Make-Up - Johnny Gonzalez
Location - NYC

Just had to share these amazing photos I came across the other day.  Each shot is sheer perfection from the pose to the styling and I seriously can't stop obsessing over them.  

P.S. I NEEEEEEED those nails in the last shot.  Can you imagine whipping out the plastic at the grocery store with those bad boys at the end of your fingers...I would love the awkward stares and slight uncomfortable state I probably would put people in.  I mean, they already give me the stink eye because I choose to wear my cut offs with heels and sheer button downs so I can only

1 comment:

Sisi said...

okay this is fucking amazing..
i might have to snatch these pictures from you..
this is so inspirational, like for real i'm dying seeing these pictures.. stunning..
Hope u're good by the way:)

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