Sunday, March 25, 2012

****Graphic Statement - What I Wore****

I haven't worn a pair of pants in such a long time.  Literally the last time I wore pants was to a funeral last year and the time before that was either a funeral before that one or to a brand seminar for work almost 2yrs ago.  And by pants I mean anything that isn't denim, leggings or leather like.  Seriously, its been that long.  So let me first say that there was quite a bit of hesitation to actually purchase a pair of pants and add to that the fact that said pants were printed (a known accomplice to added visual weight on a woman's bottom half) but when I saw these graphic, cropped pants at H&M I felt compelled.....and so I caved to my inner voice to the tune of $14.95. 

And while we are on the topic of irregular wardrobe choices, lets not forget the kitten heel.  Considering I didn't even start off my relationship with these foot torturing devices in such a small heel (more like a pair of 4" lace up ankle booties at a birthday party in middle school), my decision to also purchase them was another shocker.  But as a look paired with my new favorite sheer button down, the effect is definitely to my liking and continuing with my grungy feeling lately, I kept my slouchy hat and wild hair. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!


Kimberly said...

cute outfit love the mix of the stripes with the floral print!
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Danielle Louise Hunter said...

Lovely outfit, great trousers!!


KTR said...

What a bold outfit! I love it! Not too many people can wear this but your rocked it!

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