Saturday, May 26, 2012

****Beach Day - What I Wore****

Although the sun's warm rays came in moderation, nothing can take away from the pure bliss of a beach day!!!!

I'm really bad when it comes to impulse bikini buys and H&M makes it even harder with their ridiculously affordable selection but I restrained myself and walked out with just this lovely number. The cover up is from them as well. The button down was only $13 (I think) and is perfect with either the bathing suit, my leggings and heels or just lounge in. As for my flats, they are my summer go-tos by Fendi. Metallic woven leather and super comfy. But no, I dis not get them at Intermix (rather Barneys), I just love the bag and it is now my official beach bag.

On with the weekend and hope yours is going well....

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Kimberly said...

cute bikini so pretty!

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