Wednesday, May 16, 2012

****Simple Chain Cage Ring DIY****

Even though the trend has been floating around for sometime now, I am still smitten with the idea of encasing one my digits in some heavy metal.  Forever shopping for a new cage ring, I came across one and instead of hopping to buy it I immediately decided to turn simple DIY.  What was the inspiration you ask??

Its from Triskaidekaphobia's most recent collection and although this baby is to die for, at $160 per ring its quite the budget breaker.  No worries though, a little chain and about 10 minute was all I needed to recreate the idea.  Read up on all the details below and don't forget to also check out the rest of the collection from Triskaidekaphobia as the pieces are pretty lust worthy.

  • 2 different chains
  • Pliers
  • Ring sizer (optional)

  1. Wrap chain around your finger above the knuckle making sure the fit is snug. Connect the two ends.
  2. Wrap chain around the same finger below the knuckle again making sure the fit is snug. Connect the two ends.
  3. Measure out two pieces of chain that will run along both sides of your finger.  You want to make sure that the distance is short enough so it doesn't hang to low getting in your way  but long enough so that you can bend your finger.  This may take some adjusting and readjusting until it feels comfortable.  
  4. Attach to the two rings created in steps 1 and 2.
This is so easy and looks really cool on. 

Happy DIYing and see you next post..

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