Friday, July 6, 2012

****Foiled Plans and Djuna Bel****

So what was supposed to be a night out with my bridesmaid ended up being a nite in on account of a last minute schedule change at work.  I now have to get up before the sun and head in for one more day of grueling doldrums.  And what's a girl to do on Friday nite spent in?  Why shop of course.  I did a bit of pre-gaming so to speak last nite on the AllSaints site and snagged a pretty awesome dress I can't wait to wear and now with end of season sales going strong, I plan on strolling the virtual shopping mall for an unbeatable deal or two.

As for the pics..they are just a bit of closet inspiration.  Djuna Bel (check out her SITE for more info and her BLOG) is an amazing stylist with a wardrobe that could fill the pages of an entire magazine....maybe even carry them for a few months.  I'm having complete closet envy right now and these snapshots are definitely fueling tonights shopping adventures.  

Armed with a bottle of Moscato and green tea ice cream...let the fun begin and Happy Friday!!!!!

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ATACADAS said...

Wow! Great pst
Kisses from sin

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