Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Night Light - What I Wore

Well it looks like my camera isn't all that bad at night and I'm not that bad of a photographer after a couple of drinks.  These pics are from our first night on vacation and as I said before, I got a lot of use out of these shorts.  This time around I paired them with another sheer button down but in a fun floral print from H&M's Spring collection.  I'm sure it was a interesting sight for onlookers to watch me prop the camera on the window of a hardware store/dentist office and run practically into the street to get in front of the lens before the self timer ran out.  Atleast I didn't get the typical honk or outburst...that was definitely a blessing. 

That night we ended up eating at the Red Parrot.  I have a particular sweet spot for calamari and they have, hands down, the best calamari in Newport.  I planned on savoring the lobster stuffed ravioli as my entree but completely forgot just how generous the appetizer serving was and for only $15 I was stuffed.  Our waiter tried to tell us it was a large serving and we proceeded to tell him about our larger than life appetite but I didn't notice until later that he had already politely removed the menu to keep temptation away.  Good move. Two drinks and a whole lot of calamari we decided to walk it all off.....which led to the random night photos and a whole lotta laughs along the way.

Hope your week is going well!!!!

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Rosa Banana said...

Great color combination! Keep posting your outfits ;)

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