Tuesday, August 21, 2012

****Thinking Ahead - Spring 2013****

I guess designers have gotten a tad tired of watching fashionistas all over ripping the collars off their shirt and for 2013 it is forecasted that the notorious collarless shirt will once again be popular.  Like so many other pieces, many would have to stand up and say that such a shirt never went out of style and one could not really say their is perceived through the eye of the beholder.  However, like our patrons in the Victorian Age, the detachable collar has saw a major resurgence.  Instead of needing a few white collars to give the illusion of freshly laundered white shirt (unfortunately back then washing clothes wasn't something that could be every other day like today), today we are giving our basic shirts a perpetual facelift so to speak with a never ending supply of bejeweled, chain and studded collar varieties. 

So to make things easier, designers have removed the collar and are allowing us to adorn as we please. And before I get a tad to deep into our fall shopping and too excited about layers and heavy knits, I'm setting myself a friendly little fashion reminder.


Is it a rather simple trend?  Yes. Easily forgotten? Possibly. But it is incredibly versatile and can still be worn without all the collar pizazz.  I myself love the idea of a sheer, stark white one and how amazing do you think it was to find the best deal in the world on this particular option?

Where you ask?  Enter eBay...

Chiffon Collarless Blouse with Front Pockets

A bit slouchy and tad sheer, this baby represents exactly what I would be looking for in a collarless blouse.  Best part is the price....only $8.31 with free shipping.  You heard right and the seller also offers it in black and cream.

Happy Shopping!!!

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