Wednesday, August 8, 2012

****Pattern Play- What I Wore****

Dress - H&M, Shoes - Wetseal, Glasses - Forever 21, Clutch - Cole Haan

When I saw the dress in the window one day while on my lunch break (it seems that the only time I shop now) my feet were instantly guided by some unknown shopping force and within 10 minutes I was back on track to Subway for lunch....dress in hand.  I love how all I need is the dress.  The pattern is so flattering and gorgeous and I love the slim cut around the arms.  Plus I own so many black shoes I will always something to wear it with. This time around I wore it with my ankle boots for a casual night out.

I've learned that I love fried calamari and that is the only think I want to eat when out.  It goes well with a vast variety of drinks (as I tested out) and still remains to taste the same when most of your other senses are failing you.  Highlight of that night/early morning was sitting across from my fiance as he fought falling asleep while at California Pizza in the Casino.  When me and him go out it is always a blast and thankfully my parents lived not to far away so we could make a much need pit stop to regroup before heading back home.  Between my brothers and older cousins, me and what will most likely be all my nieces and nephews I don't think my parents will ever say they went a week without one of us crashing at their place around 2 AM.  Thank goodness we all have keys so we don't actually have to wake them up.

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