Tuesday, August 7, 2012

****Royal Threads****

Kinda loving the color purple again.  It's my birthstone and as I child I would always color people in the royal shade.  I even went on an all out hunt for purple sneakers around the age of 7 that took about a week visiting over 10 stores, annoying countless sales associates and causing four different adults to completely loose their patience with my younger persistent self.  In the end I got my sneakers (as was always the case) but I was so determined nothing would have stopped me then.  So this fall I think I'm going to tap into that 7 year old me and find myself the perfect purple wardrobe piece.  Maybe a nice plum wool coat or gorgeous dress.  I already own a great deep purple woven leather bag from Cole Haan (a Christmas gift from my better half that I love) so I don't think another bag would be a wise choice but I love idea of a pair of purple leather gloves.  What do you think about the color???  Any ideas on what to snag???

1 comment:

MarieStella said...

beautiful pictures!! love the pops of purple!!

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