Monday, August 6, 2012

****A Dose Of Character - Etsy Finds****

I haven't spent much time on Etsy as a shopper lately.  Most of the visits have been business related and then I would wander off elsewhere.  However I finally made some time to browse and came across another quirky brand to obsess over.  Enter ZIBTextile. The child of Inga Priedite and Irena Andrejeva, ZIBTextile is filled with amazing one-of-a-kind screenprinted delights featuring original artwork from the duo.  From amazing leggings to tees for him, the selection is stunning and knowing that each piece is hand dyed, hand made and handpainted (in many cases) you will feel like a walking piece of art. Currently creating out of Lativa, find peace in knowing they do ship internationally. 

The best part is that nothing in the shop is over $50 except for the reflective bags.

Oh wait..did I tell you about the bags???

The completely round shape is unique and certain parts of the bag are reflective which is super cool.  The mountain scape version is my favorite.

Its little shops like this that keep me shopping on Etsy.  You never know what you'll find and love. Plus with leggings being a key idea for Fall, it couldn't hurt to stock up now on something a bit more original than the disco versions at American Apparel (not that I don't love them...I'm just saying).

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