Sunday, August 5, 2012

****The Simple Things - Shopping Diary****

Denim & Supply Knit Slouch Hat (buy HERE), Naughty Baubles Leather Fringe and Vintage Gold Chain Necklace (buy HERE)

Tulip Hem Raglan Sleeve Dress (on left and far HERE), Bar III Scoop Neck Three Quarter Colorblocked Stripes Dress (buy HERE)

Naughty Baubles Twisted Silver Chain Necklace with Blue Lace Agate Chunks and Rhinestone Collar (buy HERE)

It started with the fringe necklace in soft white leather that led to the same design in navy and then deep plum.  Then I couldn''t stop buying simple, understated dresses the not only fit the body in a sheer perfection kind of way but allow you to actually feel comfortable all day in them.  Then I grabbed the perfect slouchy knit hat to replace my everyday black ones.  And all of this led me to back to making necklaces that work well with everything, anytime of day but can still speak volumes on their own.  Maybe it has to do with the budget I've been implementing and needing more longevity out of my purchases or maybe I am once again changing my tastes but I've found myself gravitating towards simpler things that work better with the pieces I'm drawn to make. And after having to clean out my closet every month and still manage to unload a garbage bag full of clothes to the local donation center or to my many cousins I guess its time to rethink what makes it into my closet.  

Anywho I'm busy packing away for vacation and ofcourse these dresses are definitely making the cut.  Since I tend to pack a bit to much (I mean you never know if a hurricane will hit and your Hunters will come in handy or if you get invited to some black tie party that your vintage beaded evening bag  would be perfect for) so I have restricted myself to what can fit in my Rugby tote(shown HERE) and possibly one other large purse that I may bring.  Lets just say I am really forcing myself to think ahead and wisely. 

Hope you had a great weekend and hopefully some of you are finding yourself enjoying a well needed vacation like me.  Look forward to short posts detailing the fun and hopefully my mobile blogger app doesn't fuck up like it tends too.  If it does you can always find me on Instagram and Tumblr.....they are much more mobile friendly don't you think???

P.S. If you're wondering about the random piece of driftwood in the picture...I have a new obsession with it and have started collecting the washed ashore treasures.  I don't have any real plans for them but I feel compelled to bring them home.  The fiance isn't too excited...LOL

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