Sunday, November 4, 2012

Bag Hoarding - Shopping Diary 003

Tribal Gold Chain Necklace with Horn Tooth Pendant (HERE) and Woven Nude Leather Bracelet (HERE)

Rose Quartz Necklace (HERE) and Shades of Burgundy Mookaite Jasper Necklace (HERE)

Not that I needed a new handbag or two but when I saw these Lucky Brand goodies ring up at $14 a piece I couldn't resist. Not only did I grab these two but I led another to grab the remaining four bags.  The savings were ridiculous considering the book bag alone was originally $200. They are the perfect rustic touch to any Fall outfit and both work really well with some of the necklaces I've made for Naughty Baubles. I've already broken in the cross body bag but as for the book bag I think I may add a little DIY touch to it.  I love the embroidery and the horn bead fastener but the straps are a bit short for me.  I keep envisioning it with leather and chain straps and after looking at it more carefully the straps are actually two separate pieces so adding in some chain would be extremely simple.  

Anywho, despite it being a gorgeous fall day I think I'll spend being extremely lazy with a few margaritas and some web stuff.  There seems to be a Bond marathon running and with an extremely busy  work week ahead of me I could use the down time.  Next weekend it's gonna be a hectic one.  My mom wants to brave a couple crazy sales for some new goods for the house and that will definitely require a couple shots of espresso.  I've noticed that my tolerance for crazy shopping days has diminished.  I blame it on early lunch break shopping around 11AM.  No one is out shopping at that time and I tend to be the only one in the store.  Plus I get first looks at the new merchandise as it comes out the back.  But my mom and I always have a good time out and this will be her first time checking out my store so it should make for an enjoyable day despite the chaos.  

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday and hopefully all of my fellow east coasters have seen their power restored.  The hurricane was such devastating one and to know that another storm is on its way is quite depressing.  We were very fortunate considering the damage done to many of our area neighbors and I my heart goes out to those who are left with the daunting task of rebuilding and relocating. 

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