Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hump Day - What I Wore

All I can say is it snowed today and I left my Hunter boots at my parents which meant wearing my ballet flats through slushy wet mess, they didn't start plowing until now so it took me an hour and half to get home when it usually takes me about 20 minutes, the temperature is dropping which means everything will be ice tomorrow and I don't have a winter coat yet leaving me with layering cardigan on top of cardigan with a thick fur vest and this leather the cozy fall look here is no longer an option.  Winter has officially arrived and as usual I am not prepared. 

On another note, after contemplating whether to snag the wedges from Steve Madden or spluring on a pair from Ash I dipped into some random shoe store in the mall and staring right at me were these babies for only $25.  After going through each size 9 and finding the one without the glue remnants and quirky components I walked out with this pair and feeling completely satisfied.  I've been wearing them constantly and even tried them out on Saturday at work but we won't do that again. Despite being a wedge, the ease of climbing ladders and scaling stockroom walls was removed while wearing them and by the time lunch rolled around I had to change shoes. Nonetheless I love 'em and I'm happy to have saved some money with this option.

Anywho I hope your week is going well so far and hopefully you're more prepared for winter than I am.  On Saturday my mom and I are headed out for a bit of shopping so I will definitely add a pair of gloves and a winter coat onto the list along with a new scarf and hat.  Macy's is having their One Day Sale this weekend but extended it a bit (Today through next Tuesday) thanks to Hurricane Sandy so as soon as I get tomorrow morning I will take some time and better scan through the department.  Despite working in the store its amazing how little you are aware of other departments.  I normally find out about sales after the fact by other employees and by that time its too late....

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