Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Classic Duffle - Current Obsession 010

Although a little bling goes a long way and we could all use a bit of sparkle, the roster over at the classic bag club has been growing steadily over the past year or so.  Gone are the days of those leopard print Juicy Couture statements and even Coach has offered up an array of understated leather bags that shine brighter than the logo emblazoned satchels we've known them for.  It seems we currently all sing in unison that luxe materials and clean silhouettes are better and it seems Hedi over at  Saint Laurent has answered with this amazing bag.  

I have already come to see a world with a cross body strap and this LV Speedy shape is reminiscent of my amythest woven leather number from Cole Haan but something can be said about the simple and supple leather being offered up here.  With it's modest gold detailing, discreet branding and dual carrying options it seems like the Classic Duffle will find its way onto the arms of many others besides Gwyneth.

Unfortunately, at the tune of $2,650 it will not become a new addition in my closet but here's to a new obsession....

1 comment:

MarieStella said...

stunning bag!! it is so chic!!

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