Saturday, December 1, 2012

Saturday Morning - Foodie Alert

When I lived in Boston I was a regular at Au Bon Pain. Not only did they have the best assortment of on the go food and half price baked goodies after 4pm but they had this amazing dish that satisfied my sweet and salty side.  It was apples, blue cheese, cranberries and and gorgonzola cheese all swirled together.  Paired with my venti white chocolate mocha (double shot) and I was ready for Global Markets.  But like all cafes menus change and like all budgets they get smaller and before I knew it I could no longer afford to blow upwards of $50 a week on eating out.  Forced to do it myself I can now enjoy my favorite snack anytime I right now as I am writing this quick post.

W H A T   T O   B U Y :
  • Apples (your choice, I went with Gala Apples because of their sweetness and they work well with salads)
  • Gorgonzola cheese crumbles
  • Dried cranberries 
  • Blue cheese dressing
W H A T   T O   D O :
  • Chop the apple up into chunks
  • Sprinkle cheese crumbles
  • Sprinkle cranberries
  • Now top with dressing to your liking

Its a super easy recipe and easy enough to make per serving since I am not a fan of browning apples and I love it better when the apples are still crisp.  Although I will have this version for lunch at work you could switch things up a bit by adding a handful of almonds into the mix, pour it all over baby spinach and top with a balsamic vinaigrette instead of the blue cheese.  And depending on how heavy your hand is this quick meal is under 400 calories falling right in line with a standard breakfast.  Whether or not it contains the right amount of whatever is argueable but I can say you will feel much better eating this than an Egg McMuffin or two with its alarming sodium count. 

So here's to a healthy start to your Saturday especially after round 1 of holiday food enjoyment.

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