Monday, December 3, 2012

Thanks For The Invitation - Gifts For The Hostess

The emails are piling up and if one more invite pops up on Facebook you may actually throw your phone into the freezer for hibernation.  The holiday party rush has officially kicked off and although you haven't decided on what to get your boyfriend's sister's boyfriend yet, you may want to take some time and think how not to wind up at the event empty handed. 

I know what your thinking.  

Why in the world do I want to add to my already growing giftee list??

However I implore you to consider a few things.  For one, its a really nice gesture.  You are being invited into someone's home for a night of free food, free boos and free entertainment.  If you've ever enjoyed a night out on your own, you know the how quickly the cost sky rocket,  so just imagine what your lovely hostess shelled out to make sure the night goes off without a hitch.  

Another interesting point is the parties are happening before the big day and in your house party hopping you may be able to shorten your list.  If your cousin Brenda is throwing a party this weekend then you may not have to worry about bringing her one for the big family dinner.  

Still freaking out?  

Don't worry. I will leave you with this last point and that is you don't have to spend a lot of money and the gesture will leave a lasting impression that will undoubtedly come back to you...maybe even when you hold your own holiday party in 2013.  

Enough talk though. Check out the great guide below filled with goodies any host or hostess, from fine cheeses to quirky cookie cutters to beautiful scarves and stationary that will all be graciously accepted....and more importantly used.  From your boss's soiree that has you waking up sweating to you high school friend's party that is sure to be Facebook photo worthy, there is definitely something that fits.

Happy Shopping!!!


Kimberly said...

great gift ideas and hope you'll enjoy all the holiday parties you're invited to!

City Style

Anonymous said...

One more! ...a gorgeous BarbaraAnne black sequin apron!

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