Saturday, September 4, 2010

****Current Obsession****

So, as I'm checking out all of my 173 new blog posts on Bloglovin I came across this picture and began screaming.  Beyond the fact that I love this outfit from Sandra of 5 Inch and Up but my eyes immediately went to the shoes.....aren't those the burberry shoes????

I continued my envious scroll down her pictures until I came to the end where I was informed that the boots I so loved were not actually what i so thought.  They were infact from River Island. The funny thing about this, this would be my 3rd time reading this name under someone's look credits.  Who is this River Island and please tell me they are not sitting within the states and I have been so oblivious to them?  Wrong again seeing as they are not in the states but rather in the UK.  Not only do they offer footwear but clothing along with mens and kids products.  As I scrolled thru the shoes I squirmed with glee....I literally loved everything and even though everything was in Euros, converted into Dollars the products were still affordable. 

Speaking of Euros let me just go down to the bottom of the page and change the currency to mine..............................................Oh......thats interesting....I CAN'T

Once again I have come across a Holy Grail of fashionable merchandise that has been deemed, by the higher chic powers that be of course, unattainable to moi. 

It burned.

I cried.

Then I was informed that I could always have it shipped to someone I knew in UK who then would ship it over here to me.  Great if only I knew someone....but just as I started slipping back in to my grey mood I found that sought after person.  Needless to say I continued my browsing and created my must haves off the site. Take a look.....

Seriously...How cute!!!

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