Monday, September 6, 2010

****DIY Sundays on Mondays****

Could you honestly see yourself paying $385 for this lovely little bracelet by Aurelie Bidermann?

Neither could I or Studs and Pearls blog owner Kristen Gail.

While putting together my ****DIY Mania**** post, I came across a lovely tutorial on how to re-create this amazing bracelet by Aurelie Bidermann by Studs and Pearls. Despite the cost on Net-A-Porter, this bracelet is extremely simple to do and quite ingenious as the number of possibilities are endless. So I headed over to the nearest fabric store for some embroidery thread very eager to get started on my version of the bracelet. As quick as it should have been, after 30 minutes I was still having difficulty in deciding what color combination to use. I mean, have you been down the embroidery aisle recently? They have about 20 shades of each color and at 35 cents a piece you feel the need to indulge. With 45 minutes gone and a small group of loud adolescent girls and a grandmother interrupting my thought process, I grabbed the six colors I had in my hand promising myself I would come back for round two. I already had the chain I wanted to use so as soon as I got home I got right to it.

First thing I did was cut 3 equal length strands of each color embroidery thread and group them together.  Then I separated my chain in half

Knot the thread together and trim off excess

This next part gets tricky and it was easier for me to just tack them, and the embroidery thread, to the wall so that everything stays lined up as you go along.  Once it is securely pinned to the wall you can began to braid the two chain strands together.

Keep on helps to have all this DIY'ing going on by a television

Almost now my dad is not only slightly disturbed by the pin holes in the kitchen wall...and bedroom....but is wondering exactly what is it that I'm doing

Once you reach the end all you have to do is knot it and trim off the excess like before.  I wanted to keep the tails minimal but it could look rather interesting if they were allowed to fray wildly on either end.  All you have to do now is add your jump rings to attach the clasp and you're all set

Hooray.....and now you have a rather interesting necklace to wear like so or a very cool base for more baubles......

I really love this idea and will defininately be using it for other projects in the future. 

See you next post....


Danielle Barbe said...

this turned out so beautifully! fantastic job, darling!


wow...fabulous...great work..I love DIY

Mcmaris said...

Awesome job. it came out great!!

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