Wednesday, September 8, 2010

****Nostalgic Inspiration****

Elle Macpherson by Sharif Hazma for Love

These pictures remind me of living with my Grandma after I graduated from college. The whole house was like some sort of time trap as everything remained the same since my earliest memories of being in the house. It's amazing how important familiarity is to me and I didn't quite understand how much until I came back. After years of living in a different state, with different smells, different people and taking on a different routine, I was able to feel like myself again the minute I stepped onto her porch. That is not to downplay the wonderful experiences I had, but to know that I still had a home base (my parents had since moved south) was truly comforting. I still could hide away a small piece of myself without having it altered by these new and foreign experiences. Anywho....the reason these pictures are so nostalgic is that when I would get home from work at night I would stage photo shoots using the vintage decor as inspiration. It was a lot of fun and a ton of laughs the next day when I showed my Grandma. All in all these photos take me too a really happy place.

And....there's leather....a leather bathing suit to be exact and where there's leather I will find


chef said...

I love to read your posts. Sometimes they get me through my day and remind of the beautiful and creative world that awaits me once I leave the doldrums of my 9 to 5. Keep posting!

Naughty Baubles said...

Why thank you chef!!!

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