Wednesday, September 8, 2010

****Sunshine, Wind and Creepy Walkers****

This is what I wore on Saturday for some chill time with my bestie and the parents....

On Saturday, Tropical Storm Earl had just left our neck of the woods with his tail between his legs...I mean what a joke that was.  For almost two weeks prior to his arrival the weather forcaster kept talking this storm up. Strong winds and rain.  Prepare with non-perishables and bottled water.  FEMA.  And all of it was just smoke.  By the time Earl made it to Connecticut's shores, he was exhausted and ready to retire.  But he did leave behind some pretty strong winds the next day...nothing compared to what they predicted but still pretty gusty.  Although this made the drive to my parents a little pushy (my car tends to get knocked around a bit in the wind), I found it great to take pictures.  What gal doesn't love a little wind in her hair?  I deided to go back to the spot I took the pictures of my last leather shorts outfit and realized that there was a whole separate section that gave a better view of the water and offered much more sunlight.  Plus at the end of the boardwalk there was an adorable gazebo.  I decided to start the pictures there but was rudely interuppeted by a strange guy walking by.  I continue to finish up the picture I was as he walked past the gazebo and as I reset the self-timer on my camera, the guy had turned around and was headed back to me.  He stops at the gazebo and walks right in and takes a close for comfort I might add.  I quickly packed up my things and made my way down the boardwalk swearing that if he followed I really would give him a piece of my mind.  Luckily he didn't and I was able to carry on uninterupted.

As for my oufit, I officially have two pairs of leather shorts.  I went back to F21 and grabbed the other pair they offered and now all I need are my leather pants and a leather skirt in order for my leather collection to be complete. Anywho, I snagged the oversized cardi at H&M for only $15 and absolutely love it.  Its lightweight and perfect for layering.  The shoes are from WetSeal and were a score at $10; the necklaces are both random pieces I put together quite sometime ago and the ring is my latest purchase.  I just love how my whole outfit literally cost under $50!!! 

As I said in the opening, I spent my weekend with my best friend and my parents...all in all a very chill Sat/Sun. I found a great new bead store in an unexpected place thanks to Dominique (best friend). She has been trying to get me out there for a while, but I never made it. They carry tons of gemstones and natural beads at really reasonable prices. What's funny though is that we would go all the way to NYC for beads when we had a great wholesale place right in our own backyard. I've also been steadily working on some amazing new pieces for NaughtyBaubles so hopefully soon I will post up the pictures and the links to buy them. On the topic, I am also working on a Facebook Fan Page for NaughtyBaubles and contemplating setting up a small shop right here on my blog.....what do you think about that? Would it be easier than going to Chictopia or Etsy?

Well, have a great night and see you next post... which will be rather soon as I am about to start working on another

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franca maisha said...

sweet! love the heels :)


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